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 The Mayans: from Origins to Downfall 
 Le mystère Maya : des origines à la chute

“The Mayans: From Origins To Downfall" tells the whole story of this great civilization from beginning to end. Three years ago, archeologists discovered thanks to LIDAR technology the largest and oldest Mayan site to date, 1000 years older than all the other sites, bring it to 3000 years old! This allows us to immerse ourselves into how this civilization came to be, what were the first Mayans like, how did they live? Experts have many theories about how the civilization collapsed around 950 AD. Global warming, deforestation, droughts, wars, mercury poisoning, etc. But today over 8 million people of Mayan descent live in Central America and their traditions and languages carry on, they did not disappear 1000 years ago!

Where did they go when they abandoned the great cities? Why do we talk of a collapse?


Part archeological investigation on the ground and part history, we will also bring back this ancient world to life by using very ambitious CGI.


Directed by Fabrice Buysschaert, Claire Denavarre, Sylvain Pierron

RMC Découverte, National Geographic, Histoire TV, ZDF, TV5 Québec, ERR


Duration : 4x60'


Distribution : Beyond International

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