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  Munich: Of Games and Blood
  Munich 1972, du sang et des jeux  

The hostage takings during the Munich Olympic Games of 1972 are important as it was the first time that terrorists staged an attack that was watched by the whole world on live television. It marks the tipping point of our modern world in which security issues have become part of our daily lives.

With exclusive access to top witnesses, unprecedented archives and declassified documents, we will tell the story through a 3-person narration: the preparations leading up to the attack told by a terrorist, the events in themselves told by a member of the German police force and the aftermath and repercussions told by a Mossad agent. The tone of the film is that of a 1970’s spy novel and we use cinema cameras and film to immerse ourselves in that time period and atmosphere.


Directed by Philippe Saada, Yossi Melman, Marc Dugain



Duration : 3x30' / 90'


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