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Pernel Media commissioned to produce religious mystery documentaries for RMC Découverte

Independent TV Production Company Pernel Media today announces that DTT channel RMC Découverte has ordered two feature documentary films that explore the mysteries surrounding religious relics and locations.

The first, ‘Lourdes: Miracle Secrets’ (1 x 90’), investigates the unexplained phenomena or scientific fact behind the notion of ‘miracles’. What constitutes a miracle, can they be explained by science and how does the Catholic Church officially acknowledge them? In order to understand better what some people call divine miracles, the film focuses on the world-famous Lourdes grotto, where 69 cures still unexplained by science are said to have taken place over 160 years.

The second film is ‘The Mystery of the Holy Lance’ (1 x 90’). Sought after by Emperor Constantine and Napoleon, the Holy Lance, also known as the Spear of Destiny, is one of the most fascinating relics in the history of religion, said to possess mystical powers. It is said to be the weapon with which Roman legionary Longinus pierced Jesus Christ’s side after his crucifixion. From Jerusalem to Istanbul, Paris, Vienna and Rome, this film combines scientific investigation with historical research to explore the two thousand year-long history of this captivating artefact.

The films follow two previous documentaries exploring religious mysteries produced by Pernel Media for the channel; ‘Revelations of the Gospel of Barnabas’ and ‘The Book of Fatima’ which successfully aired in 2016.

The commissioner for RMC Découverte is Rodolphe Guignard. Samuel Kissous is Executive Producer for Pernel Media.

The films are the latest factual content commissions by RMC Découverte from Pernel Media following the success of the first two seasons of ‘Wheeler Dealers France’.

Pernel Media retains global rights on the programs and is currently discussing with distribution partners.

We are delighted to keep exploring historical mysteries related to religious topics as we know that audiences love these stories.” said Samuel Kissous, President of Pernel Media.

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