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Pernel Media commissioned to produce 'Julius Caesar and the War of the Gauls' for France Télévisions

Independent TV production company Pernel Media today announces it has been commissioned by the France Télévisions Group to produce ‘Julius Caesar and the War of the Gauls’, a two-hour documentary special about Julius Caesar’s epic conquest of Gaul.

Set to air in primetime for the French broadcaster, The 1×120’ doc has also been pre-bought by an as-yet-undisclosed US broadcaster, as well as Histoire TV in France. Production begins this summer in several former Gallic cites in Europe. The Executive Producer is Samuel Kissous for Pernel Media.

Julius Caesar and the War of the Gauls’ uncovers how the famous Roman emperor rose to power and unravels the truth about his great war across the Gallic territory - his stepping stone to the control of Rome. Challenging popular public thinking formed over centuries in which Caesar’s own writings where the primary first-hand record of reference, the show will use archaeological and historical research to reveal more about the Gallic people and their fight back against Roman invasion.

Julius Caesar was a giant of a Roman emperor, general and statesman but it was his hard fought battles in Gaul that truly helped him to secure his grip on power in Rome and beyond. We are delighted to produce this two-hour special for France Télévisions, which will give a deep insight into Caesar’s conquest of this fascinating Gallic region, and unveil the truth about who these Gallic people were, actually nothing like the barbarians Caesar described.” said Samuel Kissous, President of Pernel Media.

One of France’s leading factual producers, Pernel Media is behind other major series including ‘The Real War of Thrones: A History of Europe’ for France 5, with a fourth season recently commissioned; epic television special ‘In the Footsteps of Attila the Hun’, co produced with France 5 and acquired by Science Channel in the US; and ‘Ancient Superstructures’ for RMC Découverte and ZDFE. The company is currently producing the landmark documentary series ‘Secrets of the Pyramid Builders’, a co production between Canal + channels and Smithsonian Channel, exploring one of the greatest engineering projects in the history of humanity: the construction of the Pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza.

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