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C21: Pernel Media working on Mayan archaeological doc after securing exclusive access

Paris-based indie Pernel Media is producing a feature documentary after securing exclusive access to the oldest and largest Mayan archaeological site found to date.

Directed by Florence Tran (Mysterious Discoveries in the Great Pyramid, Searching for Planet 9, Scanning the Pyramids), the as-yet-untitled 1x90’ doc will follow the excavation of key locations in the Mayan complex of Aguada Fenix in Tabasco, Mexico.

The expedition is led by Mayan experts Takeshi Inomata and Daniela Triadan. Together with a team featuring local experts and Mayas, and armed with ground-penetrating LIDAR technology, they are aiming to uncover lost secrets that will help them rewrite the history of the first Mayas.

In a previous expedition, Inomata and Triadan discovered a complex featuring a 1.5km-long, 400-metre-wide and 15-metre-high ceremonial platform - larger in volume than the Great Pyramid of Giza and bigger than any previously known Mayan construction.

Samuel Kissous, president of Pernel Media, said: “This expedition is a major game-changer in our knowledge of Mayan culture and history. It’s about discovering the secrets of the origins of the Mayas.

“Such history-defining expeditions don’t occur very often and we are very proud to have secured exclusive access to this story. This was made possible thanks to the expertise our team has developed on archaeological missions around the globe over the years.”

Pernel is behind historical and archaeological programmes including The Lost City of Ramses the Great for France Télévisions and The Real War of Thrones: A History of Europe for France 5 and Sky History.

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