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Trains at War 
Trains en guerre

How the railways kept World War II on track.


This dynamic history series sheds new light on four famous campaigns of World War 2 – the Battle of England, Barbarossa, Operation Overlord and the Liberation of France, analysed through a unique prism - the train. Trains had become increasingly crucial to the war effort, moving from their traditional ‘iron horse’ role in transportation and logistics, evolving to becoming customised war machines, fast and strong, capable of protecting civilians, saving lost soldiers, and acting as weapons.


Blending witness testimony and compelling international archive with new graphics, 3D imagery and detailed mapping, Trains at War examines the role trains and rail networks played by retracing complex historical situations and breaking down their importance to military strategy. We’ll review victories brought about by the train, but also the failures, where railway destruction or sabotage caused losses and collateral damage. It’s a fast-paced and exciting new take on this global conflict and puts trains firmly at the heart of war.



Directed by Eve Minault, Marie Perrin


International Distribution : Beyond Rights


Duration : 4x60'


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